Screws, Ch. 2

"Screws fall out all the time. The world is an imperfect place." ft. Jalex

Anonymous: What was that one fic where Alex moves in next door and jack watches him do his boyfriend a lot? 

The Boy Next Door


Anonymous: the eyebrow fic would be really cute if Zack was doing Jack's brows omg 

jackbarakatisgay-pass-it-on: Heyy, about that anon asking for a fic where alex has an accent. I think Priceless on Mibba is one of it.. Y'know, the theme was in England.. It was when Alex refuse to remove his sunglasses. :)) lemme know if it's wrong. <3 

I think you’re right, actually, Priceless.


- Toni

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Anonymous: ooh ooh ooh okay story idea: person A is alex (the only way this would work really but it could work with jack too!!) and person B is writers choice: person B is in a relationship with alex and atl are on one of their few month breaks and they haven't seen him for MONTHS so obviously he's looking a little rough round the edges and the days pass and person B gets really frustrated about person A's eyebrows and they like laugh at them subtly and person A notices and they get all insecure and- 

and person B tells them that their eyebrows are really like overgrown and too big for their face and person A asks them to do something about it and person B ends up like plucking their eyebrows idk it could be fluffy and all like person A has never had their eyebrows done or w/e and they didn’t know it hurt so much and they make little noises whenever they’re plucked and then fluff SHIT i went on for ages about eyebrows this is so bad i’m sorry

I LOVE THIS, but I think it would work best if Jack was the one getting his eyebrows done. His are messier than Alex’s. I’m almost certain Alex said something about grooming them every so often anyway to keep them in check, so, he should be the expert and Jack should be the one with disgusting eye caterpillars.

- Eve

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Anonymous: Hi I just wanted to let you know you have two tags from strippers; one is strippers with more than one story then you have stripper with only one fic in it 

Fixed it, no more stripper tag. It’s all /tagged/strippers




This is the Eve Losing Her Make-A-Help-Post Virginity edition. 

A lot of asks have been gathering dust lately (even though a lot of them are asking for lists so this post is shorter than I thought it’d be) and I know that a bunch of us are pretty busy right now or we just don’t know them so we are reaching out to you! Please take a second and read through the list so you can tell us if you know one, it won’t take long!

- Eve

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Giving this one last try… there’s only two to find! - Eve

The Impact of One Moment (Jalex)

One moment can change your life for so long. One tiny second of tiredness and inattentiveness can mess up your future, affect all your relationships, your behaviour and your needs. It will come back over and over again, torturing you until you can’t sleep anymore.

Jack is hit by a bus on his way home because he was tired and didn’t pay attention. This mistake will impact his life more than he could ever imagine…

Additional Tags: ptsd, car crash, jackoc


“It’s not even funny, ass-wipe!” Alex pouted, face and torso completely ripened by the sun’s cruel rays.

Anonymous: Are there any masturbation fics that aren't in the tag? Also if not, someone should write some. 

They’re all there, pretty sure.

I love masturbation fic though. More more more.

- Eve

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Anonymous: Hey, are there any fics where Alex has his brittish accent or maybe a fic where he just slips into it sometime. I've looked through the england tag, but... He doesn't have to have recentenly moved from england, just a fic where he slips into a brittish accent sometime, 

I think we had this asked fairly recently and we were all struggling to think of one… do our followers know any?

- Eve

In my current Jalex fic, Three Words To Remember, Alex has an accent around his parents, but I dunno if that’s what you want… ~Lila
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How Long Is Forever?

Once upon a time an angel fell in love with a demon…

Anonymous: any jalex oneshots where either jack or alex is a male stripper? 

We have a /tagged/strippers !

- Eve

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Under A Paper Moon

Jack hates geometry, absolutely loathes it. So, to get back at ‘the man’, Jack draws on the desk. But to his surprise, next time he comes to class he sees someone else added on to his drawing. 

Cute little fluff fic based off this prompt.

mibba link

imdeathflavored: So, I was thinking of writing off of that prompt where Person A writes on a desk and Person B continues the conversation or whatnot on the desk, then one day they meet. It will be a jalex, woot woot. But what would you guys like to read, like a oneshot or should it be a chaptered fic? Sorry, I'm not good with these kind of decisions lol 

People would probably read both. What I’d suggest is start writing it and if you notice it’s getting long, break it up. Make as many chapters as you need. 


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