His palms are sweaty and wet because Alex looks so good in those jeans and also because Lucas keeps licking his hand as he eats his cotton candy and putting it back in Matt’s grip and Matt really wonders how he got here in life.

Hey guys! I was wondering if you can help me find this one fic where I think Alex writes for a newspaper and Jack gets cancer and I think its on mibba.

Write it Down - http://www.mibba.com/Stories/Read/488274/Write-It-Down/1/

- Toni

Despite working in the land of fairytales, Niomi Davidson knows there’s no such thing as a happy ending. But then she meets Alex Gaskarth.

ok ik this plot line has been hella played out, but more start off straight fics would be rad. I feel like there haven't been new ones in a while, only coming out or closeted fics. Thanks 😊

Are there any fics with Justin Tuck and Jack? Or really Justin with any of the guys?

The American football player that looks like he has a pin-head? Not that I’m aware of, I’m afraid…

- Eve

"I wanna lick your lollipop."

lj link

extra tags: mibba, livejournal, au, smut

It's Complicated on Mibba, Jack has IBS.

He does, and I like that story, I just didn’t suggest it since they asked for Alex. And Jack has a fairly extreme case of IBS in that story, so be warned.

It’s Complicated

- Eve

Summary: Jack was supposed to make everything okay, he was supposed to help teen Alex get better, but little did anyone know, he was going to hurt him the most.

Story Links; Mibba - Quotev - Wattpad - tumblr - ATL FF

Additional Tags/Warnings: abuse, rape, selfharm

hey hi are there any smutty jalex fics where jack teases alex a lot and like alex is super needy? im sorry i just i dont know what tag to look through for this

Teach me How To Scream

Do It For Me Now


I Won’t Be Satisfied Until I’m Tongue-Tied With You 

are some popular ones…

Try the Teasing Tag and the Orgasm Denial Tag too!

Anyone have any suggestions/mods want to add on some favourites?


oh and idk if it'd really count since it's labeled as crossdressing instead of trans but there's kink two in let's get a little kinky (mibba(.)com/Stories/Read/525519/Lets-Get-a-Little-Kinky/2/)

Thank you!!



I feel like sometimes you are unnecessarily a bit rude. Like the sarcastic sassy remarks of "wow it was the first one that popped up when I searched what you just sent !!" And etc, because SOME OF US are on mobile and some of us don't have access to a computer to be able to search on your blog. You're suppose to be nice and as aggravated as you may be, be kind. Just thought I'd point this out. There's no point in being rude to people when they asked a simple question.

We’re hardly ever rude to people, darling. And I just like to point out that there’s no rule anywhere that says we have to be rainbows and butterflies to you all consistently, but we are because we’re decent people.

I’m not sorry for our sarcasm because when we answer asks that way, we get less of those types that clog the box and more of “Oooh can you suggest some like that!”. We love to give you guys our opinions. Plus, sarcasm is less bitting that us replying with “Google it.”

Mobile blogging is not and never has been an excuse because I answer most of the things I answer on here through mobile blogging because I’m hardly ever at home and it’s super easy for me to type in “Sequel of Priceless on mibba” into a Google/Safari search bar.

Sorry for offending you, but the likelihood of us stopping that particular response is slim.


Hi! I was wondering are there anymore boarding school fics that aren't in the tag? I've read all the ones in there :)

Crestmond Academy - Jalex + other pairings

School Boy - Jalex

Six Feet Under the Stars - Jalex

If We Climb This High, I Swear We’ll Never Die - Jalex

Boarding School From Hell - Alex/OC

Bring Me Home - Alex/OC

I’m Gonna Break Down These Walls - Alex/OC

- Toni

IBS anon: maybe I'm just too dumb to understand how quizilla works but it doesn't link me to the lactose intolerance fic but to one called "wanna live it up just because" ?? help?

Just a heads up. The link on the ask about alexs ibs to ‘so you’re saying I’m allergic to fucking icebreaker’ is wrong. It takes you to wanna live it up just because on quizzilla instead xx

Here is the correct link!

- Toni

yo so there's this blog called imagineyourotp and anyone who is having a block or wants to write something but can not come up with a plot could check it it's like full of super cute lil prompts, might be helpful idk

Do you know of any fics based off of Rent? It's my favorite musical and I would really love to read a fic that's kind of like it, but haven't been able to find any :/

Do we even have any based off of musicals? I’m not sure we do. Never seen a Rent one myself!


- Eve